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This document summarises Expertise Events’
responsibilities to the users of its websites, as
well as the users’ responsibilities while using
any of the sites produced by Expertise Events.
“The/This Website”
refers to
as well
as any of its associated “event” sites,
each of which will be linked to this
refers to valid entry passes
printed by Expertise Events to a
specific event.
“The User”
refers to any person or
entity utilising any of the services
provided by the Website.
“The Company”
refers to Expertise
“Online Services”
refers to any of
the interactive functionality provided
by the Website, including (but not
limited to) purchasing tickets online,
posting in online forums and
participating in competitions.
refers to
viewing the Website without using any
of the Online Services.
Statutory Laws
Expertise Events is an Australian company and
as such this document is governed by
Australian Federal Law.
Privacy Policy
By providing information via this Website, you
agree to Expertise Events’ Privacy Policy
including how information you provide when
using this Website may be processed, used or
disclosed by Expertise Events, as described
We recognise that your privacy is very
important to you and that you have a right to
control your personal information so therefore
you can anonymously browse this Website
without telling us who you are or revealing
other personal information. We will not collect
any personally identifiable information about
you while you anonymously browse the site
without utilising any of our online services.
If you decide to utilise any of our online
services there are two levels of information we
may collect from you. “Required” information
and “Marketing” information. “Required”
information is compulsory and is required to
provide the service to you (such as postage
information for sending tickets). “Marketing”
information is optional (and will be clearly
marked as such) and is used to enhance the
services that we provide to you.
Some Exhibitors are equipped with badge
scanning devices. Visitors consenting to the
capture of their badge via the scanner, agree
to have their contact registration details
transferred to the exhibitor.
As per the “National Privacy Principles”
extracted from Australian Federal Law, the only
information that we collect from you will be
information that you implicitly volunteer to
Expertise Events and you have the right to
request what information we have collected
about you at any time.
Terms of Service
Your Rights and Responsibilities while using this Website.
3 - Last Updated 28 November 2013
Expertise Events can be contacted through the
following details:
Expertise Events Pty Limited
PO Box 6053, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
+61 2 9452 7575
You play an important role in keeping your
personal information secure. You should
maintain confidentiality of any user name,
password, profile and account used on the
Website. In the event that you believe your
account has been compromised, contact
Expertise Events IMMEDIATELY.
Expertise Events will use the information you
provide to enhance the services it provides to
you and to more accurately assess the needs
of our customers. Expertise Events only
collects personal information to the extent that
it serves our legitimate business purposes.
Personal information will not be released to
persons or entities outside Expertise Events
without your consent except where Expertise
Events is required by law to disclose
information to third parties.
It is important to note that the interactive areas
of this Website are accessible by the public, so
f you disclose personal information such as
names or e-mail addresses on the interactive
areas of this Website the information you
disclose can be collected and used by people
other than Expertise Events. This may result in
you receiving unsolicited messages from other
parties not affiliated with Expertise Events.
Expertise Events uses web technology to track
the use of this Website. This web technology
includes "cookies". For anonymous browsing
these cookies are only used to provide an
anonymous generalised snapshot of the
navigation across the site.
Information you provide may be used to build
up a profile about you to allow Expertise Events
to tailor offers or marketing material which may
be of interest to you. During the sign up
process, and while using the online services
you can elect whether or not you would like to
receive specific promotional material – and you
can unsubscribe from any of our promotional
mailing lists through the Website. This includes
competitions and direct marketing material by
e-mail or post (whichever method you elect).
User Agreement
This User Agreement is between you and
Expertise Events and its entities.
You may use this Website on the condition that
you accept without modification the terms,
conditions and notices contained herein. By
accessing and using this Website, you agree to
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as well as any laws applicable to your local
You also acknowledge that forums, chats,
conferences, guest books and any other forms
of communication hosted by this Website are
public and not private communications. You
acknowledge that the content of these
communications forums is not endorsed by
Expertise Events. You do not consider the
content of these communications forums to be
reviewed, screened or approved by Expertise
All communications including comments, guest
book entries, suggestions, ideas, notes,
drawings, concepts or information disclosed or
offered to or in response to Expertise Events
through this Website shall remain the property
of Expertise Events. By using this Website as a
vehicle for communication, you grant Expertise
Events a royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive,
unrestricted licence to use any communication
for any purpose, commercial or otherwise,
without compensation to you, to the author or
to the provider of the comments.
Further, you agree not to take part in any
defamatory or slanderous activity on any of the
interactive mediums on the Website. This
includes but is not limited to:
negative remarks about Expertise or
any of its affiliates, sponsors or
inaccurate information about Expertise
or any of its affiliates, sponsors or
any activity that disrupts the normal
use of the Website, or compromises
the integrity of the site in any way.
Modifications to Terms of Use
These Terms of Use may be modified by
Expertise Events at any time and will be
binding at the time of implementation. It is your
responsibility to ensure you review and
understand the Website's terms and conditions.
This document is issued with a Version
Number and a “Last Updated” date to ensure
you have read the most recent updates.
Copyright and Trademark Notice
The Website contains material which is derived
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material on this Website is protected by
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permission from Expertise Events, unless
otherwise specified on the containing page.
This clause excludes material provided by
Expertise Events for promotional material
including media releases and media-kits which
you may copy, display or publish if you are the
intended recipient. You may not however
modify this material without prior written
permission from Expertise Events.
All material on this Website is Copyright ©
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Applicable Laws
As a visitor to the Website you shall abide by
all applicable Federal, State or Local laws
including, but not limited to, laws on libel,
slander, indecency, trade libel, product
disparagement, harassment, invasion of
privacy, obscenity, indecency, and copyright
and trademark infringement.
Information on this Website includes intellectual
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trademark and other Intellectual Property Laws
of Australia. These laws prohibit the
unauthorised reproduction, distribution or
exhibition of all text, photographic and graphic
(art and electronic) images, music, sound and
video samples and other protected materials.
Violation of applicable Intellectual Property
Laws may give rise to civil and/or criminal
Limitations of Liability
We endeavour to take all reasonable steps to
keep secure any information which we hold
about you, and to keep this information
accurate and up-to-date. However, we are not
responsible for events arising from
unauthorised access to your personal
Use of the Website is at your discretion. Under
no circumstances shall Expertise Events, its
trustees, officers, employees, members, or
agents be liable for any direct, indirect,
incidental, special, or consequential damages
that may result from the use of, or the inability
to use, Expertise Events’ materials, including
this Website. You specifically acknowledge and
agree that Expertise Events is not liable for any
defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct of any
If you are dissatisfied with any Expertise
Events’ material, or with any of the Expertise
Events’ terms and conditions, your sole and
exclusive remedy is to discontinue using or
visiting the Website.
Pages within the Website may contain links
and pointers to the websites of other parties
that are not under the control of Expertise
Events. Accordingly, Expertise Events makes
no representation or endorsement concerning
the content of any such website which you may
use at your own discretion and which you shall
review "as is".
Linked websites are not under the control of
Expertise Events and Expertise Events is not
responsible for the conduct of companies
linked to this Website. Before disclosing
information on any other website, Expertise
Events advises you to examine the terms and
conditions of use of the other website.
Refunds & Returns
Unless otherwise specified:
• All tickets purchased from the Website are
strictly purchased on a non-return basis. There
are no exceptions to this ticket return policy.
• Only original tickets will be accepted to allow
entry into an Expertise Events’ event or show.
Confirmation emails will not be accepted and if
original tickets issued are not produced entry
will be refused.
• If Expertise Events is not advised by you of
any ticket delivery failure before seven days
prior to the event opening, orders placed will
not be honoured.
• All merchandise purchased from the Website
is purchased on a non-return basis. We will not
refund merchandise for a ‘change of mind’ or
‘wrong choice’ at any time.
If you have received goods purchased via the
on-line shop that have been damaged in transit
and it can be shown that Expertise Events did
not take duty of care when shipping the item
correctly, a replacement may be issued at the
sole discretion of Expertise Events. In this
case, the damaged goods must be returned in
their original packaging to Expertise Events,
within 14 days of being posted to you by
Expertise Events.
All products purchased from
and its
associated websites will be shipped at the
discretion of Expertise Events. Freight and
postage charges are included within the cost of
each item.
Every attempt will be made by Expertise
Events to deliver products purchased from the
Website within an acceptable time-frame.
However, as delivery is handled by logistics
companies (such as Australia Post), Expertise
Events can not be held accountable for any
delays caused during transit.
In the event that you believe your order has
experience extended delays please contact
Expertise Events immediately.
Expertise Events Pty Limited
PO Box 6053, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
+61 2 9452 7575